The Daige Story

Daige has been manufacturing adhesive systems for over 50 years. We started on Long Island in 1965 specializing in a product line called adhesive wax coaters.This is a hot melt adhesive system which provided a removable bond and was used in the graphic arts industry for old style “paste up” work. We soon developed a world wide reputation for making the highest quality products and were represented by resellers in over 25 countries.

We ultimately expanded our product lines into cold adhesives, permanent type hot melt adhesives, cold laminators and liquid laminates. One thing remained the same. Each machine is hand assembled, then tested thoroughly before it goes into the box and shipped to you. I have owned the company now for over 30+ years and you have my guarantee that every product you purchase from us will meet the highest standards of quality. Most of all we will do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied with our products. Thank you for visiting us.

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Daige New York

At Daige we design and manufactured our line of products right here in New York. We Envision, Design, Manufacture and build from scratch our one-of-a-kind adhesive systems and cold laminators. We back the products we sell with service and support, both over the phone and on the customers location.

  • laminator manufacturingInspection on all products is done and tested in-house - our commitment to quality craftmanship.
  • glue machinesDaige has more than 35 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the adhesive and lamination industry.

Manufacturing Adhesive Systems & Cold Laminators at Daige New York.

These are some of our clients covering the globe in over 25+ countries worldwide. They entrust Daige for dependable delivery of quality adhesive and cold lamination solutions.

A Daige Testimonial

We have been utilizing Daige products for several years and during this time we have found Daige to be a very reliable and conscientious vendor. We have also found that their equipment has always been produced with excellent consistent quality.

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