10 Fun Things to Laminate

Let’s be honest: have you ever used a laminator to laminate something fun? Most people only associate laminators with school, work environments, or academic environments such as libraries. We have a range of laminators that work in many different applications. Home uses are often much more fun than business or work projects. You can be a lot more creative if you just give it a shot! We have created a list of ten fun things you can laminate to give you some inspiration. Let us know if you think of other fun uses for laminators!

Fun Things to do With Laminators

1. Coloring Books: If you have a child, you will definitely want to preserve their artistic masterpiece. Or, you can laminate a coloring book and then use dry-erase markers to preserve the text for years to come.
2. Bookmarks: Try making your own book marks! Cutting things out of a newspaper or printing out your favorite quotes can be a fun way to create a new way to save your place. Getting creative with paint and glitter can help you re-ignite your inner child.
3. Place Mats: have an upcoming party? Spice it up by creating custom placemats! This could include what your family did last year, what’s on the menu for tonight, a template for trivia night, or a few funny jokes.
4. Flower Pressing: Take some time to smell the roses! Take your kids out to an outdoors area or your garden and pick some flowers. After that, you can decorate them and laminate the finished product to preserve the memory.
5. Games: Creating your own games can be a fun and easy way to spend a Friday evening. Think about a new game and laminate it! Who knows? Your new card game could be the next big thing!
6. Playing Cards: Ever tried making your own playing cards? Either you can preserve your favorite pack or create a silly deck yourself. Try gluing your friend’s faces to some of the cards and then laminating the two together. I bet your friends won’t suspect that!
7. Photos: If your hard drive crashes and you don’t have your photos on a cloud or a server, those photos could be lost forever. Try laminating some memories that you want to preserve forever. Even if the frame is broken or sustains water damage, the photograph will be preserved and safe.
8. Recipes: Finding your favorite recipe online and laminating it can help prevent it from being damaged when you are in the kitchen. There’s a lot of oil and water being thrown around when you are cooking, and a laminated recipe can help protect the paper it is printed on. If you create your own recipe, it is definitely worth preserving!
9. Luggage Tags: This is more of a practical use. However, creating your own custom tags for your luggage can really help customize your bag and give it a personal flair. You’ll be turning heads at the airport with your sweet new luggage tag!
10. Waterproofing: If you are going camping, kayaking, or going on some sort of outdoors excursion, laminating can be a fun and useful thing to do beforehand. With weather becoming more and more unpredictable, laminating a map, recipe or photograph can help preserve these documents even if everything else is soaking.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 fun things to laminate! If you have any other ideas or wish to know more about our laminators, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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