5 DIY Projects For Your Laminating Machine

Your laminating machine can “drive you crazy.” There are so many DIY projects for you to work on. In fact, you will be surprised at what types of DIY projects excite you. However, only a few liquid laminators are known for such projects – the pouch laminators and some roll laminators. Nevertheless, these laminators use lamination pouches that are coated in a heat activated substance which readily bonds together closing adhesive layers together and enabling you to try out these DIY projects.

Fancy Letters

Got an event coming up soon or maybe your spouse has a special event coming up? Maybe it’s their birthday or your anniversary? There’s nothing simpler and amazing that can say ‘I love you.’ The best thing about it is that you can use your laminating machine to do this.  It can be your first simple DIY project with your laminating machine.

Recipe Cards

People who cook on a frequent basis know how easy it is to forget a simple ingredient. At times you may end up mixing some liquids with others.  Moreover, when using a recipe card or book, you may end up spilling on it, making it nearly impossible to use. Therefore, the only way to prevent this is by laminating the book or the card so that even if it’s laminated, the spilled liquid and mixes does not ruin your recipe book or card.

Special Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be designed and laminated for repeated use. These bookmarks can have amazing pictures, children’s drawings that can be utilized for various books. Often, bookmarks are ripped or destroyed. Thus, why you should laminate. Lamination takes a pretty significant a short amount of time but can help protect your marker for a long time.

Emergency Contact List

Emergency Contact lists are important especially for parents who have small kids. Also, it may include babysitter guides or medication schedules for your kid. These act as guides for your nanny or your small kid. For example, the medical schedules can list medicines for each member of the family helping the users take them at the appropriate time.

Menu Planner

A goal for most people is planning their weekly menu. It is not easy to simply come up with the type of food to be consumed in a particular period. Nevertheless, you can make one that is easier for printing as a master menu and laminate it. After printing, all you need is a marker to write down your meals. A marker than can be erased enabling you to reuse it again and again.

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