5 Ways to Use Your Laminating Machine in the Classroom

Laminating machines have proven themselves to be one of the most useful machines in all sectors ranging from the business scene to the playground. The machine has also proven useful in the classroom as a learning tool.

Here are some of the uses of the laminating machine in the classroom:

  1. The laminating machine can be used in making paper dolls for fun hours in the classroom which helps to lend support for the imaginative power of the student and teacher. This can be done by laminating the paper doll made and then cutting the film around its edges; this allows the dolls to be used and re-used at a later time for classroom activities.
  2. Learning cards and Gift cards: the laminating machine provides a great way of making and adding value to gift cards. Teachers can have their students make out gift cards to one another or their friends outside of school and after that laminate it to preserve the job done by the students. It can also be used as a means of establishing a class game as games can be invented and designed within the confines of the classroom without the fear of having to recreate them again due to tear or stains. The games could include memory games or game cards which can be used from time to time during learning.
  3. For making Flash Cards: Laminating machine could prove useful in making flash cards which are more common among pre-schoolers. Flash cards provide a better venue for understanding through a graphical representation of what is being taught. Teachers can laminate their flash cards for further use. It is essentially best for learning words, numbers, primary and or secondary languages
  4. Duty charts: the laminating machine can essentially be used in keeping and preserving classroom duty charts for the season. This grossly eliminates the problem of having to replicate the duty charts over and over again due to stains, smears or sometimes tear. Classroom duties may include learning hours and fun times including siesta; other may include leader, crayon picker, handing out of snacks and other designations according to the class teacher’s discretion.
  5. Weather Date and Instructions: the laminating machine could be used as a means of preserving paintings, images or drawings indicating the various weather conditions along with other classroom instructions. It also makes for a great way in keeping instructions set for personal hygiene.

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