Laminating Done Right: 6 Tips from the Professionals

If anyone knows Lamination systems you can be sure we at Daige know what we are talking about. We have been manufacturing adhesive systems for over 35 years and appreciate a good lamination job. Not anyone can pick up a project and start to laminate. We at Daige are here to make sure your process goes smoothly so we compiled a list of 6 tips to make sure your next project kicks butt!

Laminating Done Right: 6 Tips from the Professionals:

1. Use a good printer: When printing cards or images you want to make sure you are using a printer that can print images of high quality. There is no point in taking the time in laminating something if the quality of the document after being printed is sub-par. You also want to make sure the color levels and black levels are up in your ink. Trying to print something with no black ink will just replace the black colors with a dark colored color.

2. Use the right type of paper: You want to make sure you use the correct type of printing paper with the right type of thickness. When I am printing card games I print them out on card stock paper or Bristol board paper. If I am printing out photography I try to use the highest quality print paper I can find.

3. Always insert item to be laminated into pouch: You want to make sure you insert your product into pouch before feeding into the machine sealed edge first. When your document is laminated remove immediately and let it cool. Trim excess pouch material from around your item after laminating and cooling.

4. Always put item in right sized pouch: You don’t want to laminate a document too small for the pouch. If you only have a certain sized pouch and have printed cards you can try laminating the cards before cutting and then cutting them afterwards! We have done this plenty of times and haven’t experienced any peeling!

5. Don’t use thermal paper: Most lamination machines use heat to seal your items and as the name implies thermal paper is activated by heat. The result means turning everything on the paper black. Thermal paper is found in airline boarding passes, concert tickets and even sonograms!

6. Make sure you use a quality laminating adhesive system: This is key. If you want a crappy lamination job then use a crappy laminator. Over at Daige we are all about quality; quality laminators that we have used before are Maxit Adhesive Coaters, Rollataq Coaters and Solo Laminators!


We hope these tips have you laminating like a pro. If you are looking for liquid laminators, cold laminators or Maxit and Rollataq adhesive systems then we are the manufacturer and supplier for you! A big thank you to Elite Strategies for this one.  Click through for the product page!

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