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Quality machined parts

At Daige we are Pioneers in Service and development and implemented a Quality Management System for the production of quality precision machined parts for our Adhesive Systems & Cold Lamination products.

  • daige.com - Made in the USA Adhesive SystemsWe’re known for delivering Daige products to customers that meet USA standards for quality.
  • daige.com - award winning lamination productsThese process qualification standards enable us to design Daige products that will last a lifetime.
  • daige.com - Wax Adhesive SystemsOur Integrated Quality Management System (IMS) is certified to both AS9100D and ISO 9001
  • daige.com - Rollataq Adhesive SystemAt Daige we manage all the treating, processing, finishing, coating, plating to go from raw material to finished product.
  • daige.com - Solo Cold LaminatorsDaige has pioneered in building commercial Adhesive Systems and Laminators with a history of 50+ years in manufacturing, design and development in over 25+ Countries world wide.

Our misssion

Over the years, one thing has remained the same…our dedication to quality. All our products are still made with pride in the U.S. Each machine is hand assembled and every single one is tested thoroughly so we are absolutely certain it will run right for you. Our adhesives and coatings are unsurpassed in providing superior performance.

In an age of email, faxes and computerized answering systems, we still believe in personalized customer service. When you call Daige, you will be greeted by a real person. If you have questions, either before or after you purchase our products, our team of customer service associates will be sure all your questions are answered.

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Why Choose Us

Speedy Delivery

As much as we can appreciate your business we also can appreciate your expectiations in a 24 hour Speedy Shipping.

Customer Support

You can count on Daige anytime you need us. We treat all clients big and small with gratitude and appreciation.

Healthy Business

A stress free business equals a stress free life. We have been developing cutting edge Adhesive Systems and Cold Laminators for just about 4 decades. Daige is known for building quality products that last.

Daige Clients

Among the thousands of Daige Customers, here are a few of our major corporate accounts.

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American Express
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Hewlett Packard
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Our Enviromental Role

Daige Inc. will strive to operate with the highest regard for the environment, managing our products, operations, and raw materials in a safe and environmentally sound manner. We are commited to comply with all environmental regulations, to create methods to reduce and prevent pollution, and to continue to reduce our environmental impact.

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