Which Adhesive Machine is Right for You?

There is a wide variety of adhesive machines for many different applications. Do you work with large prints or posters with need to adhere them to foam or other substrates? Or perhaps your needs are much smaller. Let’s look at some options.

Maxit Adhesive Systems

Maxit is a motorized adhesive application machine using environmentally safe and non-toxic adhesive pillows. Much like the popular, self-contained laundry soap packs; the adhesive pillows are easily added when levels are low. The glue sticks to your project, but will not transfer to your hands and there is no clean-up required. Each machine is pretested prior to delivery to ensure quality performance.

With a cost per square foot of about 70% less than roll adhesives or sheets and proving to be much more efficient than white glues or spray adhesive, Maxit delivers a valued service to those who need to adhere large projects. The adhesive applies quickly and efficiently and will not harm digital prints.

  • Available in 12.5”, 24.5”, and 36.5” widths.
  • Can use both MXII and RP Hot Melt Adhesives, depending on your requirements.
  • Warms up in 55 minutes and runs at four second per foot.

Adhesive Wax System

If you want a removable bond, wax adhesive is for you. This dependable bonding system adheres to not only paper, but any type of wall surface—even brick. The bond endures for years, or until someone pulls it apart. Even then the item can be re-adhered to another surface. The wax will not transfer to your hands and is easily refillable.

  • Warms up in 40 minutes.
  • Roller runs at two seconds per foot.
  • Will not affect heat sensitive media.
  • No cleanup or maintenance.
  • Available in 12.5 and 24.5 coating widths.


As a “cold adhesive” system, both the motorized and hand-held applicator utilize liquid adhesive. The coating of adhesive is micro-thin and dries to form a permanent bond in ten minutes. One must work quickly, as drying occurs within two minutes. This bond is guaranteed not to yellow, be affected by heat, and is non-toxic.

  • A unique cold adhesive applied by efficient coaters.
  • Will not soak through paper.
  • Costs just four cents per square foot.
  • One surface must be porous to ensure a proper bond.

Choosing an adhesive system can be a sticky situation. Examine your needs and choose the Daige machine which will best serve your purposes.

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