Adhesive Wax System

Adhesive Wax System (Removable Bond)

Great for:
  • Adhering paper media to any types of walls
  • Mounting media to boards
  • Traditional paste up work

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Waxsystem from Daige on Vimeo.

About the Waxing System
  • Combines motorized roller coaters with hot melt adhesive wax
  • Provides a removable bond
  • Will stick to just about any surface (including brick)
  • Will adhere for as long as needed (years)
  • Peels off easily from surface without damaging the surface
  • Never dries out so you can adhere your item at any time
  • After coating, will not transfer to your fingers and not sticky
Speedcote Motorized Roller Coaters

Speedcote Motorized Roller Coaters

  • Automatically warm up in 40 minutes
  • Applies a full adhesive wax coating in seconds (2 sec./ft)
  • Will not effect heat sensitive media
  • No clean up, no maintenance at all
  • Available in 12.5” and 24.5” coating widths
BB9 Adhesive Wax
  • Comes in refillable bars
  • After coating, unlimited open time-never loses its tack
  • After coating will not transfer to your finger

BB9 Adhesive Wax