The Benefits of Cold Laminating Products

Working in the sign making industry can be difficult. Learning how to effectively apply adhesive to prints and signs is one of the more difficult aspects of the sign making industry. Cold laminating products have provided an effective solution to the need that the laminating industry has of being able to efficiently apply laminate to signs, posters, or photos.

Cold laminators have gained popularity with the rise of wide format inkjet printers, which used ink and paper that were incompatible with hot laminating products. Cold laminating provided an effective alternative to hot laminating products and were able to take care of other products as well as paper, providing a coating for sheet glass and stainless steel as well.

Benefits of Cold Laminating

Does Not Require Expensive Equipment

The Solo cold laminator costs thousands of dollars less than other laminators. This economical advantage is a huge one for companies that rely on these laminators to help their business run and have a bottom line and budget. Cold laminating products are great for those who are mindful of the business side of things.

Compatible with More than Paper

As previously mentioned, cold laminating products are great because they are compatible with more than just paper. All sorts of signs and posters and photos are compatible with cold laminating products.

Increase the Life of the Print

Laminating is also going to provide UV protection and scratch resistance for photos and also protects the print from dirt and fingerprints. The oils in the fingers that frequently touch photos and posters cause them to deteriorate faster. Preventing these oils from coming into contact with them therefore increases the lifespan of prints and posters that are laminated.

Easy to Use

Solo cold laminating products operate hands-free with a foot pedal that allows the operator to operate the laminator without the use of their hands. The roller also automatically adjusts to the thickness of the print without needing to be reset.

Daige is the premiere provider of liquid laminators, cold laminators, and adhesive systems. Some of the quality brands provided by Daige include Maxit, Rollataq, and Solo adhesive systems. Daige is a quality laminating equipment supplier committed to the satisfaction of their customers. After manufacturing adhesive systems for over 35 years, Daige has the expertise in the laminating field to service customers such as Hewlett Packard and IBM. To get in touch with Daige and experience the many benefits of cold laminating products, call them today at 800-645-3323!

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