Benefits of Advanced Lamination with Laminating Machines

There’s really one only reason as to why people laminate objects and that’s to protect and enhance the products natural colors, and while improving its appearance, it also extends the life of the image. Laminating, whether hot or cold, is a beneficial process that can even add value to your piece. Now, with that being said, let’s look at some of the benefits of investing in a laminating machine.

What are Laminating Machines used for?

With the right equipment laminating is a relatively easy process, cold lamination systems more so, but either way both applications are decently simple and easy to pick up on. Lamination is simply applying clear or semi-clear protective polymer (or vinyl coating) to a digital print, banner, poster, photo etc. As mentioned before, there are two different types of laminating processes:

  1. Thermal Adhesive (hot)
  2. Pressure Sensitive (cold)

Thermal adhesive lamination relies on thermally activated adhesive that is set on the bottom of the polymer or vinyl coating. The laminate is them passed over a hot surface that activates the adhesive and it’s pressed onto the image being laminated.

Pressure sensitive lamination is considered to be the easier route to take. It uses a pressure sensitive adhesive that’s applied to the bottom side of the vinyl or polymer coating. Then, the adhesive coatings are applied through a pressure roller. Now, although this process seems easier, it’s the thermal application that’s more cost effective. Actually, pressure sensitive systems can cost up to three times as much as a thermal system.

Tips and Tricks for Laminating

If you’re laminating any type of vinyl media, we strongly suggest you only use vinyl coating. In the event that you’re printing with an inkjet, you’ll want to let the image sit for about 12 hours before you laminate it to ensure the ink has had enough time to settle into the paper.

In the event that you’re looking into investing in laminating machine, visit our Daige website. We specialize in manufacturing both hot and cold laminating systems that can benefit your printing business by not only adding that extra gloss, but by also extending the lifetime of your piece.

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