Benefits of Owning a Solo Laminator

Before the Solo hit the market, larger laminating jobs required at least two people to man the controls and make the adjustments. With the Solo, a single person can now laminate very large projects without the need for an extra set of hands. There are many benefits of working with a Daige Solo Laminator.

  • One, single tension knob allows the operator to set the level of tension across the entire machine. No more running back and forth to be sure the tension is level—the one control ensures it is perfect.
  • A footswitch is available for hands-free control. No more leaning over the project or risk bumping into the feed—the feet pedal allows control right under your toes.
  • The roller automatically adjusts the height to the thickness of the project. No need to calculate or reset—the Solo makes the adjustment for you.
  • Be it foam board or rice paper, the lamination adjustment ranges up to ½” thick media.
  • The machine is available in a range of sizes: 25”, 38”, 55”, and 65” widths allow you to choose the size appropriate for your application. This flexibility makes the Solo line very versatile.
  • The casing is made of strong metal materials ensuring long life and enduring use of the machine.
  • Costing thousands of dollars less than other wide machines, the Solo is a value for budget conscious buyers. This brings this Daige machine well within the range of many businesses and schools.
  • As part of the equipment, a print holder board is included to help with longer length projects. It is vital to keep the print feeding straight and true. The holder allows the operator to ensure the project is feeding properly.
  • Made in the U. S. A. Daige is proud to offer this machine not manufactured in a foreign land and shipped across an ocean to you. With the Made in the U. S. A. tag, you can be assured of high-quality materials and workmanship.

The Solo Laminator is ideal for many different applications. Whether a school, nonprofit organization, or business, the Daige Solo Laminator will be a valued part of your office equipment. The advanced features and ease of use will bring employees returning often to utilize this machine in many of their projects. The Solo Laminator has many benefits which make it an exceptional addition to your school, office, or organization.

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Posted On: 24 Jun 16

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