Choosing the Right Laminator

Choosing the Right Laminator

When choosing the right laminator, there are many different things to consider. There are hundreds of machines that can range in size, functionality and price. It can be tough to figure out which machine to choose and works best for your needs. There are two basic types of laminators: pouch laminators and roll laminators. Pouch laminators are the best choice when it comes to versatility. These can be used at the home, in businesses or in schools. These are ideal for any task, from business presentations to home arts and crafts projects. Roll laminators focus on speed. Roll laminators are a must for professional print finishing that stresses the importance of large volumes and odd sizes . Roll laminators, such as the Solo Cold Laminator on our product page, have numerous functions and cost thousands of dollars less than other laminators.

1. What are the applications?

The type of application is a very important aspect when it comes to choice. For home business and office use, smaller machines such as the Maxit Adhesive System work like a charm. Pouch machines like the Maxit are ideal to keep at your desk due to their small size when compared to larger roller machines. Maxit adhesive systems are great for adhering hard covers, duplexed business cards, custom invitations and presentations. Album book blocks are also another useful application. For mounting photos and artwork or making craft items, the Rollataq adhesive system may be right up your alley. For laminating wide format wraps, signage and photos, or mounting prints to boards, take a look at the Solo Cold Laminator. What is the size of the document that you want to laminate? The first consideration is the content. For home office use, Maxit is a fantastic choice. For bigger projects, the Rollataq or Solo Cold Laminator may be better suited for your needs.

2. Why Laminate?

By laminating, you are protecting and preserving something that you consider valuable. This could be a vehicle wrap advertising your business, a professional looking business card, a poster on the wall or your college degree. Lamination improves the appearance of many types of printed materials, which can increase your business if you are handing out brochures or coupons. A fantastic looking business card or resume can help your stand out and generate more sales.

3. Hot vs. Cold

Hot laminators can use a film or a pouch, and contain rollers that heat up when used. The temperature that is generated through the rollers heat the plastic laminate film or pouch. The roller then applies this heated material to the print. Cold laminators are pressure sensitive machines as well. They too have rollers, but the rollers stay cold and apply pressure to the laminate film or bond. These are used in applications where the print may be damaged by heat, such as vinyls or very old documents. Pouch laminating systems are hot machines. They use heat to melt glue within the laminating pouches and then fuse the pouch together to seal the documents. The print becomes waterproof and protected from grease and spills.

For any and all of your laminating needs, Daige can provide the technology you need to get the job done. From cold laminators, to liquid laminating, to adhesive systems, we have over 45 years of experience. Call us today for friendly customer service and full tech support!

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