Classroom Lamination Ideas

Laminating machines are a fun and versatile tool that can be used for many different applications in the classroom. Useful and practical use of a laminator need not be a challenge; you can protect children’s board games and tools, preserve learning experiences, and add to the enjoyment of all your students.

There are many useful applications for laminators in the classroom! Here are a few:

Paper Doll Lamination

Laminating machines can be used to laminate many different paper dolls. Remember Flat Stanley? Protect these important learning tools with the right laminator to preserve memories for multiple years. Simply laminate the paper cutouts of characters or role models, then trim the edges when the lamination is done!

Learning Cards / Gift Cards

Laminating learning cards, flash cards, and gift cards is another great way to get the most out of your laminator. Teachers can have their students make gift cards to give them to each other to instill the values of gratitude and giving. Being altruistic is an important skill that can foster happiness in a young person. Many board games and learning activities can be laminated so that they won’t be ruined by tears, overuse, or spilled drinks.

Flash cards are great for any age and are a useful tool when trying to memorize important information. The alphabet, synonyms for words, and multiplication tables are all great pieces of information that you can write down on flashcards. Lamination will ensure that you will only have to make these cards once every few years!

Duty Charts

Having a glossy laminate on your duty chart will make sure that it can be used over and over again. Assigning tasks to your students, such as taking out the garbage, pushing in chairs, and making sure everyone has the right materials can be a great way to instill a sense of responsibility in your students. Other duties can include siesta times or nap times, learning hours, being a leader, being a crayon picker, and handing out snacks to the other students.

Good/Bad Charts

Rewards your students for behaving properly! A simple chart near the front of the room, detailing what good deeds and bad deeds your students have done, can help foster a sense of improvement and growth. Lamination protects paper from stickers and sharpie marks, so you can re-use the chart again and again.

Lamination also helps preserve students’ paintings, drawings, and artwork.

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