How to Clean A Laminating Machine

Owning a Laminating Machine is a great cost saving investment but this investment could be jeopardized by many factors, one of which is dust and dirt, hence the need to know how to clean a laminating machine. Laminators could prove very easy to use and in most cases, it doesn’t break down as often as one would expect but one of the major problems facing laminating machines is the problem of adhesives and its build up.

Cleaning a laminating machine is supposed to be a routine maintenance procedure taken regularly to avoid build up of unwanted particles in the machine. Cleaning the device is essential, as a little bit of adhesive seeps out of the machine every time it is operated. The build-up of this may damage your machine in the long run. It’s not hard to clean, although you have to be careful and take note to never use a sharp object or anything pointed in cleaning your machine to avoid nicking the rollers.

To clean your laminating machine, you need to first remove the film from the machine then proceed to preheat the laminator until it is mildly warmed up. Employ the use of a scrubbing pad once the laminator is warmed up to scrub off all the hardened adhesives on the rollers while it is running on the lowest speed. However, this step requires great precision and care as the rollers will be very hot and could hurt you.

Once you’re done with the cleaning part which must be carefully done, re-load the film or in cases when needed, replace the roll with a fresh one, and you could go on with the lamination.

It is, however, essential to know that the cleaning should be done from time to time to avoid the buildup of the adhesives as the fresh adhesives are easier to clean up than the old hard ones which have been coated multiple times.

Essentially, you should as a precautionary move clean up adhesives once they spill due to improper loading of the laminating film, it is also essential to follow through with the manufacturer’s instructions in not using the laminating machine to laminate other materials asides those stipulated.

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