Cold Vs Liquid: Comparing Laminators

Whether or not it is for professional businesses, events, or just presentable materials, laminating makes your visual materials carry a professional aesthetic. It protects the picture while also making it seem more than just some images on a page. However, when choosing a laminating system, the big question really is, which is the right one for me? Or better yet, which is the right one for my materials? Well, in order to help answer those questions, here are a few distinct specialties the cold and liquid laminating system each contains.


Our Cold laminating systems specialize in laminating wide format wraps, photos, and signage pieces. It is great for reflective sheeting, as well as mounting prints to boards. For specifically laminating, it comes with loads of benefits. It can defend your printed material against fingerprints and dirt. It increases the lifespan of the print, as well as the vibrancy of the inks. This cold laminating system also comes with four rolling castors, and a foot-switch that gives you extra control! With this device, you’ll be driving the lamination process with ease.


The Liquid Laminating system is great for unique and wild projects such as vinyls and water resistant canvas. This is the ideal laminating system for boats, vehicles, banners, and other projects that require some punishment from natural, outdoor elements. Its EZ Glide Applicator gives a consistently precise and even coating. It is a wonderful device for brushing and spraying, and also costs far less than other coaters. However, this liquid laminating system is not built for bond papers or photographic media.


Aside from the clear technical differences, the one thing that each of these machines has in common is their promise of a quality appearance. Both the cold and liquid laminating system each have top notch capabilities and are wonderful additions to your business materials. With these machines on your side, you will always have the confidence to share your company brand with anyone. For more accessory materials, please check our products page, as well as our orders page for details on specific prices. If you have any questions not found on this site, then please feel free to contact us for more information.

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