Three Crafty Ideas for Your Laminator

Many people these days are using Laminators to laminate their favorite papers and note cards. All types of Laminators are becoming popular such as liquid laminator, cold laminator and solo laminators. Teachers and hobby/craft aficionados love using Laminators for their DIY project. Laminators are a great tool and piece for craft projects. For your next project we are going to give you some ideas to put your Laminating machine to great use.

Three Nifty Laminator Ideas

Keep your ADD kids on track: To keep your ADD kids on track there are a couple of great ideas that we like to use. These ideas can be used for ADD and normal kids alike. Kids frequently lose things or misplace papers so this is a great idea to prevent that. You can create a checklist for the kid to keep in their room, and one for the bathroom. Placing them up on the wall is a great way for them to see the checklist. Using a dry erase marker is a great way for them to check off their tasks. You can also create chore cards with a simple image on the card to remind them of the chore they need to accomplish.

Bookmark that: Bookmarks are a great use for your Laminating machine. Plenty times a bookmark that is not laminated will end up getting destroyed or bent. Get creative: you can customize your own design before you laminate it.

Weekly Meal menu: How many times do you hear your kids or husband asking what dinner is going to be? To save the frustration you can print out a menu sheet and laminate it to place on the fridge. Every Monday or Sunday you can update the list for the week so that everyone in the household is aware. Not only will it keep them more aware it will also keep you more organized.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas and put them to use! There are so many different things you can do with your laminator, the key is to be creative, the possibilities are endless. If you are on the market for Maxit laminators, adhesive coaters, hot melt roller coater or adhesive machines then we are your number 1 source on the web for the best deals on laminators. Visit our page to see thru our selection: Laminators

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