Creative Things to Laminate!

laminating machineRecently I returned from a trip and wrote a couple of encouraging letters to give to my parents who I hadn’t seen for a while.  I saw later on that my dad had had the pages laminated, so that they wouldn’t wear but would last and could be remembered. When we laminate a piece of paper or a document, it speaks volumes for how important that particular piece of paper is to us, whether for sentimental reasons like that letter, or for other reasons like a diploma or a business document.

Whatever the reason for laminating something, the lamination will make whatever is within it last. Today I wanted to discuss some of the top and most significant things to laminate.

4 Fun Laminating Ideas

Encouragement Letters

A rare gift these days is a letter of encouragement from a friend. But they do come. Whether in the form of a birthday card or a simple handwritten letter, these are treasures that could potentially be keepsakes you aren’t going to want to lose or have wear out. These are worth laminating and maybe even getting framed. Pencil wears away, and the moisture in the air can wear out paper over time, so be sure to get any letters worth remembering laminated.


Postcards easily peel and get damaged. A way to prevent that would be having them laminated. I have a great postcard from the hills of Virginia, where the leaves are changing and there’s a cabin off in the distance. That one has started to peel at the corner and that could have been prevented if I’d have had it laminated when I got it so that it would have stayed pristine.


Most of us keep the majority of our photos and pictures in the cloud. For those that still love being able to touch and feel a memory and have a picture in your hands, it could be a great idea to have a photo laminated. Whether a family portrait or a memory from a camp, honeymoon, or vacation – there are so many memories that each of us has that are worth saving and taking the time to laminate so we dont risk losing them.


My favorite magazine cover is the one of Troy Aikman when the Cowboys were winning Super Bowls back in the 90s. I also have one of John F. Kennedy. These are the kinds of magazines that you may want to have laminated. They tell stories, and the pictures on them really do tell a thousand words. There may be a magazine you’ve been keeping in your drawer or closet that would really be better off if it were laminated to defend it against the wear and tear of life. But it all depends on what is worth remembering.

These are just a few of the many papers and documents that people laminate every day. Obviously important business documents are laminated as well, using a laminating machine. If you have a need for a particular kind of laminator, like the liquid laminators or cold laminators we offer at Daige, check out our product line here at our website or give us a call at 800-645-3323!

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