DIY Laminating? Don’t Risk It

There are a lot of websites that advertise cheap and easy ways to laminate on the cheap and on your own, and if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.  Lamination is for important documents, ones that you would be remiss to damage.  That is exactly why professional lamination is imperative to preserving the things most important to you.  That’s not to say that you can’t use a professional laminating machine on your own, rather little household “life hacks” may be more dangerous than useful.

Tape: A Sticky Situation

Many online tutorials advertise using clear packing tape as an option for lamination, but we would highly caution against that for anything truly important or valuable.  Laying tape over your document may seem like a good idea, and like it is performing the same task as lamination, but one false move and you could ruin exactly what you were trying to protect.  Not laying the tape perfectly could result in unprofessional and unsightly air bubbles, and because the tape is sticky, it will be impossible to replace on your document without it being destroyed in the process.


Self-adhesive laminating sheets are going to have you running into the same problems as tape.  Don’t be fooled by the fact that it says that it’s made for laminating, as a self-adhesive laminating sheet is essentially a large sheet of tape.  It will still be sticky, meaning misplacement will still be disastrous.  Air bubbles pose the same threat.  Using a professional laminating machine will ensure the elimination of air bubbles and the preservation of your valuables.

Thermal Laminating Sheets

Thermal laminating sheets are great…because they’re meant to be used with a professional laminating machine.  So-called “pro-tips” on the internet advertise foregoing a professional laminating machine and instead using an iron to activate the thermal laminating sheets.  Though most irons do have some type of heat regulating system, it is not nearly precise enough to ensure the safety of your documents.  If the iron is too hot, it can burn through the sheet and damage your document, and if it’s too cold, it’s ineffective.  Using irons on items that are not meant to be ironed is not only a fire hazard, but could cause extreme damage to your documents.

People laminate items because they want to ensure their preservation.  They want to know that that item will be around for years to come, unscathed and fully intact.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to save a quick buck when dealing with your most important papers.  Trust Daige to set you up with the professional laminating equipment you need to be successful.

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