The Documents You Should Always Laminate

There are various documents we receive in life that can be very crucial such as your high school diploma, your degree, or your birth certificate. Laminating such documents is the only way to ensure that they last for a long period.

Besides, if you were traveling overseas, you would need these documents so that you can process your visa. Also, special documents such as your visa and work permit are used as identification documents. Using a liquid laminator ensures that the quality of the document is maintained in the process.



  1. Birth Certificate

Everyone has a right to have their birth certificate once they are born. Your birth certificate will be used as an identification document for the rest of your life. In fact, you won’t get a work permit, a visa or even your national identification without your birth certificate.  The birth certificate is the first document that needs to be laminated.

  1. National Identification

I know you might think I’m kidding you, right? Well, not so. You need to have your national identification scanned and laminated too, why? Just in case the original one gets lost. You can use the copy obtain your new one with ease. Your national identification is another important identification document you got to have.

  1. Marriage Certificate

If you’re married, then you know the importance of a marriage certificate. Sadly, the certificate is the only way of proving that you are married. Certainly, it can help you out especially in cases where you need to borrow some loan. If by any chance one partner has a low credit score, the other one can cover it up when borrowing off some money and a marriage certificate easily proves the existence of that marriage.



  1. Academic Credentials

Your academic credentials are important hence the need to laminate every single one of them. Just like the other documents discussed above, your academic credentials form a greater part of who you are.



  1. Work Permit

Working in a different country may pose a huge challenge especially if you don’t have your work permit with you. Apparently, there are some countries, like the United States, which usually check out your work permit document before you’re employed. Thus, laminating your work permit prevents it from getting lost or tearing up.

  1. Visa

Lastly, you have to laminate your travel documents. Always back them up to a USB drive, here are some of our favorites. All of them need to be laminated, including your visa. Remember, by simply having a ticket does no prove that the country you have traveled to, has allowed you to enter in.

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