Liquid Laminating System


Great for protecting wide format prints

  • Outdoor signage (vinyls, scrim banner etc)
  • Fine art prints (water resistant canvas)
  • Vehicle and boat graphics (vinyls)

(note: not designed for photographic media or bond papers).


EZ Glide Applicator

  • Applies a precise coating that’s always smooth and even.
  • Saves money by eliminating spray waste and heavy, streaky finishes from hand brushing.Much faster than spraying, brushing.
  • Costs less than other coaters and faster than motorized coaters.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Available in 27”, 48”, 55” and 62” widths

EZ Glide Applicator picture

Rollaguard Coatings

  • Costs significantly less per application than film laminates.
  • Provides excellent UV, abrasion and water protection.
  • Enhances the vibrancy of the inks.
  • Media retains its flexibility.
  • Will not crack or peel off

Rollaguard Coatings picture

Takes only a minute to set up, seconds to coat and 10 minutes to clean.

Here is how it works:1. Two braces are inserted into the back of the EZ Glide. Step 1 - Rollaguard Coatings picture
2. The braces then hook onto the end of the table to secure the applicator, making it easily adaptable to any size table. Step 2 - Rollaguard Coatings picture
3. Pour the coating into the back of the tray. Step 3 - Rollaguard Coatings picture
4. Swivel up the coating rod and place your print over the tray, with the first two inches extended over the front of the tray. Step 4 - Rollaguard Coatings picture
5. Swivel down the coating rod and the first two inches of the print will be submerged in the coating. . . Step 5 - Rollaguard Coatings picture
. . . .while the front of the print is captured between the coating rod on top and the silicone squeegee on the bottom. Note: this is a special wire wound coating rod that is used in many applications where a precision coating is required. Step 6 - Rollaguard Coatings picture
6. Pull the print through the applicator. The print slides through very easily. As it goes through, the coating rod wipes off the excess coating leaving a perfectly smooth coating.The red squeegee wipes the back of the print completely clean (so it will not effect the adhesive on pressure sensitive vinyls.) Step 7 - Rollaguard Coatings picture
7. When finished coating for the day, loosen three screws and the top half with the coating rod comes off easily. Cleans with water. Step 8 - Rollaguard Coatings picture
8. Use the tube to drain the coating back into the bottle (takes about 2 ½ minutes to drain). Then wash out the tray. Step 9 - Rollaguard Coatings picture


Coating Widths
27″, 48″, 55″ and 62″
Coating Thickness
1/2 mil (dry)
11 cents per square foot
Dry time 15 to 25 minutes depending on humidity and media type
Finishes gloss or satin
650 square feet per gallon