Fun Projects Done with Laminators

Laminating isn’t only about documents, certificates, and posters. It can be used to make creative and unique items for your family or classroom. The permanence of lamination keeps projects in tip-top shape and protects them from messy accidents. Here are a few fun ideas you can make with your Daige laminating system. Here are some great projects:

  • Photo bookmarks will be a hit. Print action shots of the kids and cut out the shapes. Nature, family, antique, even public domain images which tickle your fancy will work. Laminate and trim, punch a hole for a decorative ribbon, and have unique bookmarks great for all ages. Wouldn’t Grandma want several? Of course. These would make great gifts.
  • Download fancy letters, print in color, and laminate each to assemble into a reusable banner. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Welcome Home are just a few ideas. Such banners could be used at the office in cubicles or hallways, in the classroom with different themes, at a sorority or club gathering, or even in your car. Be sure the letters are legible from several feet away and make a statement!
  • Lamination is a great way to preserve pressed flowers or leaves. No more losing or forgetting them until they fall out of a book in pieces. Make an album of flowers to share with others. Think of the nice gifts these would make. Be scientific or casual in your presentation. Using contrasting colored paper will make the pressed item pop.
  • Customized backpack tags will help anyone find their own bag. If you have ever seen the pile of backpacks outside a store, you’ll recognize the need for this. Use bright colors or large print, even a favorite fabric. Let the kids pick something out, laminate it and, label away!
  • You can even create personalized games such as Bingo for Christmas, Easter, family reunions, or even animals or plants. Just create an image with a grid which includes postage stamp sized photos of items in your theme. Print and laminate. This should be a big hit for fun gatherings, and it won’t matter if turkey and cranberry sauce are spilled on them—voila! No stains or damage. Look for other board type games to make your own.

These are just a few fun ideas where your Daige laminator will help you create unique items. Start thinking and get to laminating!

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Posted On: 31 Aug 16

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