The Greatness of Maxit Adhesive Systems

Many great companies and respected businesses use laminating equipment to coat their materials, especially newspapers and magazine publishers. These systems are invaluable for the processes that go into producing book covers, photos, and wide format ink jet prints.

Adhesive systems benefit many book companies and photographers that rely on them to improve their products. However, many who reap the benefits of these adhesive systems don’t fully understand the power of using a Maxit roller coater.

  • Why Maxit is Superior to Spray and Roll Adhesives
  • Maxit costs 70% less than using spray or sheet adhesives
  • Maxit’s motorized roller coasters warm up in just 55 minutes
  •  A secure bond is provided with zero bumps
  • There is no clean up required for the adhesive systems. The adhesive will not transfer to fingers regardless of how often it is touched.
  • The adhesive never dries out

There are obviously many reasons to choose a Maxit Adhesive System over adhesive sprays and the adhesive rolls that are still used by many to fulfill their mounting needs. Daige has been operating for over 35 years and their commitment to excellence and quality will stay the same. Their list of clientele even includes companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Walt Disney. To get in contact with them and get started with a new Maxit Adhesive System, contact Daige at 800-645-3323!

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