What is the Difference Between a Cold Roll and Heated Roll Laminator?

Here at Daige Laminators the art of lamination is our specialty. We provide cold laminators, solo mounters, and different types of adhesive systems. It seems people think all types of laminators work in the same way, yet we often get asked what the difference between a heated roll and cold roll laminator is. We are here to break through the cycle of misinformation and explain how they differ.


Cold Roll vs Heated Roll Laminator

Different Laminating uses:

Cold and hot roller laminators are used for different purposes. Heated roll laminators are typically used for paperback book covers, magazine covers, and posters. Cold roll laminators could be used for laminating all types of equipment and has the benefit of laminating certain items that could be damaged by heat. These types of paper are called thermal papers. They are found in boarding passes, concert tickets and even sonograms.

Adhesive vs glue:

Cold roll laminators use an adhesive backing that when exposed it sticks directly on the items that needs to be laminated. Hot roll laminators on the other hand uses heated rollers to melt glue released onto the lamination film. They both use an adhesive, but for the case of hot roll laminators they frequently use glue.

Lamination Speed:

One of the big differences between a heated and cold roll laminator is the speed of how quick they laminate. Heated roll laminators laminate papers or fabrics at a quicker rate due to the fact that heating the glue prior allows for faster application of the film.

Roll Laminate Prices:

The price of the laminates and adhesives used in hot roll laminators are generally cheaper to manufacture than in cold roll laminates.


Now that you know the difference!

Go out and buy yourself your own laminator and follow these 6 laminating tips to ensure proper lamination. Happy laminating!

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