Hot Melt Adhesive: Issues to Look Out For

Owning your own adhesive system can save you time and money.  Their seemingly infinite uses make them a must-have tool for your business.  However, you want to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money, and that means using your adhesive system correctly.  Bumps along the road and not watching out for certain prominent issues with adhesive systems could leave you with an undesirable final product.  By staying vigilant and keeping your eye on these few possible issues, you can experience how owning your own adhesive system can make your life easier.

Amount of Adhesive

When it comes to applying adhesive, there is a delicate science and technique to it.  You can’t just douse what you’re trying to glue with adhesive, as too much can cause unsightly globs that damage the outside of packaging.  More glue also means a longer drying time, which will delay the packaging of your items.  Using an unnecessary amount of glue is also wasteful, using up your product and your money.  Conversely, using too little adhesive is an issue in and of itself.  Not using enough adhesive to bind something could result in it not working.  It will dry quickly, but if there aren’t enough points of contact between the two items you are trying to glue, the adhesive won’t do its job.  This can lead to flimsy and damaged packaging, which looks sloppy and unprofessional.


Adhesive has a very specific chemical make up that gives it the sticky properties that we use it for.  As changes in heat are typically the catalyst for a vast number of chemical reactions, you can imagine that changes in the temperature of the environment in which you are gluing will affect the ability of that glue to do its job.  Not only must you consider the origin of the adhesion process, but also think about where your package may be traveling and if the temperature there will ruin your packaging.

Glue Patterns

Using the right glue patterns in your adhesion process is absolutely imperative in running an efficient adhesive system.  It’s not always the best move to cover whatever you’re adhering in glue, rather using glue patterns, specific patterns of glue coverage which ensure the strongest bonds, is a strategic way of saving time and money.

Investing in your own adhesive system is a smart business move for your company.  Anything that you don’t have to outsource means money saved, and money saved is money earned!

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