How to Use Liquid Laminators

Many consumers are not in the know about laminators and how they actually work. There are places designed to be able to take a document and have it laminated, and sometimes that is the easier option. However, people are becoming more and more interested in the laminators that are quick and easy and able to preserve documents as well as provide the coating that’s necessary for outdoor signs and fine art paintings.

Easy to use liquid laminators are able to use on any table, such as the EZ-Glide Applicator for prints that need a laminate coating.

How to Use Liquid Laminators

Place Braces to Prepare for the EZ-Glide

One of the big benefits of the EZ Glide is that those who are preparing to laminate prints can setup the system on any table. This makes it easy to use in any environment where liquid laminating will be necessary.

Setup the Ez-Glide on the Braces

The EZ-Glide liquid laminating system sets up onto the braces that are provided. These braces secure the applicator and are what make it able to be placed onto any size table.

Insert the Tube on the Drain

Liquid laminators use a liquid when applying the coating to a print or sign. The tube that is setup on the side of the EZ-Glide is meant to drain out the excess liquid to avoid any spills or mess, keeping the clean up after the job is done simple and easy.

Pour in Rollaguard Coating

Rollaguard Coating provides UV, abrasion, and water protection to the materials, prints, and signs that it is applied to. The next step in the process is pouring the liquid coating into the EZ-Glide.

Place the Print over the Tray

Because of this simple to simple process, it’s already time to place the print over the tray and prepare to coat a print.

Swivel Down the Handle

Now it’s time to swivel down the coating rod. At this point the first two inches of the print should be submerged in the coating.

Pull the Print through the EZ-Glide

Now it’s time to pull the print through the applicator. Coating will take best when the print is pulled at a comfortable speed. As the print is pulled across the coating rod, a thin layer of liquid laminate will be applied!

Wipe Down the Coating Rod for Next Use

The liquid cannot be allowed to dry on the coating rod, once it does it will cause problems.

Loosen the Screws to Clean

One of the biggest headaches when it comes to some laminate and adhesive systems is the time and effort it goes into cleaning them. The great thing about the EZ-Glide is that it is going to be easy to clean for anyone that wants to go about laminating prints on a regular basis. At the end of the day, remove the screws and pull of the top half and the coating rod of the EZ-Glider to clean it.

Cover the Tray with Plastic Wrap

To use the liquid laminator the next day, cover it with aluminum foil or plastic wrap to keep any dirt or air from getting to it.

Clean the Coating Rod

The best ways to clean the coating rod are going to be in a sink, or with a hose if no proper sink is available.

Drain the Coating Back into the Container

Using the convenient tube located at the side of the EZ-Glide, the remaining liquid coating can now be trained back into the container for use next time! This is one of the best parts about liquid laminators, that their coatings can be reused to save money and material.

That is the general idea when it comes to liquid laminators. For more information, visit the side of the EZ-Glide here to see a helpful video and more Step-by-Step instructions. To get in touch with Daige and get started with liquid laminators or cold laminators, call 800-645-3323!

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