What is Laminating?

Simply put, laminating is the process when two or more layers of plastic, adhesive or other material are joined together to protect an important document, poster, sign, or other material. The plastic laminates themselves are usually made from a polymer or other plastic material. Laminates are usually fashioned into flat sheets, tubes or rods, while plastic adhesives are small bits of plastic than can be molded to create a surface through a laminator. Many solutions can also be transferred via hot or cold lamination to provide a protective coating to most surfaces.

Lamination improves the stability, strength, appearance, and insulation of the material being laminated. Our plastic laminates also protect the material from wear and tear, environmental hazards such as liquid, and prolong the life of the material. You can laminate anything! A few popular uses of our laminators include:

• Business cards
• Important documents
• Signs
• Posters
• Homemade board games
• Calendars
• Flooring
• Kids projects and puzzles
• Bookmarks
• And more!

Our Laminators

We have a variety of laminators that can be used for an extensive amount of purposes. Our cold laminators can be used for mounting prints to boards, applying transfer tapes and reflective sheeting, our laminating wide format wraps, signage, and photos. If you need a professional mounting solution, consider our Solo cold laminators, which costs thousands of dollars less than other laminators while providing a professional laminating solution.

maxit laminate

Our EZ glide liquid laminator is a great choice for fine art prints, vehicle and boat graphics, and outdoor signage. Our applicator applies a precise coating that’s always smooth and even and costs significantly less per application than film laminates. Our coatings will not crack or peel off; at the same time, the laminated media will retain its flexibility and vibrancy. Our laminators provide excellent UV, abrasion, and water protection while enhancing the color of the inks.

We have multiple adhesive systems that can be used for a wide range of applications. Used by framers, crafter, and photographers alike, we have a laminating system for each and every laminating need.

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