Maintaining Your Cold Laminator

The cold laminator is beyond words one of the best lamination machines for finishing up documents. It provides a neat finish, and on top of this, it is quite easy to use, save for a few precautions which have to be taken at intervals of the lamination process.

The cold laminator is one of the most popular document finishing machines in the industry, and this comes with good reasons. Chances are if you are in possession of one of these laminating apparatus, you would want to keep it in good shape and that forms the basis for this article.

Maintaining a cold laminator doesn’t take much more than disciple, care and routine cleaning of the machine as it is susceptible to dust and principally, to adhesive stains. However, in maintaining the machine to avoid or at best minimizes the added cost of repairs, some of the following tips may prove useful towards achieving the goal;

  1. It is important to stay faithful and abide with the manufacturer’s specifications, taking note of the dos and don’ts attached in the manual as this may go a long way in saving you from excessive spending on repairs
  2. Take adequate and great precaution when it comes to things with glitters. It is advisable that at best you should keep your machine from processing items with glitters and metallic materials. Documents of glittery or metallic nature constitute major damage to your laminator which may not immediately be felt. Glitters stick to the rollers and are hard to get rid of; it also impedes the transfer of heat which essentially tampers basic concept upon which the laminator I built to operate.
  3. It is also important to get rid of sharp objects as they have potentials of damaging the laminator’s rollers. As a rule of thumb, owners should never use a sharp object or those with pointed tips to clean adhesives off the rollers.
  4. Always be sure to turn the laminator off completely whenever you are done with work on it. The acceptable exception to this rule, however, is in the case where your laminator model shuts down automatically. Shutting down the laminator helps to protect the motor and therefore prolongs its shelf life.
  5. Regular cleaning of the machine’s rollers is also advised to prevent a heavy buildup of adhesives. In cleaning the cold laminator, the following steps should be taken:

–    Gently remove the roll of the laminating film from the machine

–    Keep the machine on and running such that the rollers are slowly rotating.

–    Make sure to set the rollers to the slowest or minimum speed and select the warm setting to soften the adhesive.

–    Use a scrubbing pad to scrub off the adhesives which are now soft but take great care to avoid burning yourself. This process may take a while, but patience is the key.

–    When all the adhesive is gone, you can reload the laminating film. It can be convenient to switch to a new roll of film at this time if you need to.

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