Maintaining Your Liquid Laminator

The liquid Laminator has become the machine of choice for many screen printing shops, and interested document finishers have chosen it over other machines used for lamination. The liquid laminator or clear coating is however largely dependent on the screen printing market which has more recently favored the clear printing for use in printed signs and graphics both for indoor and outdoor use.

As much as this machine serves its purpose, maintaining it to save additional cost in repairs and ultimately purchasing a replacement is key and with this in mind, this article treats some of the maintenance practices that could be adopted in keeping your Liquid Laminator running for the longest possible number of service years, well, except you choose to replace your machine with a newer model.

Here are some tips;

  1. Cleaning of your machine should not be an occasional duty as there may have been a build up of dust and other particles including the build up of chemicals from previously done work. It is important to remember that the newly laid blemish or foreign object is easier to clean than allowing it pile up over a couple of weeks.
  2. Be sure to turn off the machine once you’re done working with it as this not only prolongs the shelf life but at the same time saves workers and users from hazards attached to the liquid laminating machine.
  3. Make sure to al all times pay attention to the materials used in the laminating procedure especially the coating rod which should be wiped clean after every use to prevent the liquid from drying on the rod. Once the liquid dries on the rod, there abound problems, once which you can avoid.
  4. Make sure to wipe out spilled adhesives thoroughly from the machine. This is accomplished by loosening the screws to get the additional adhesives out of the machine.
  5. Make sure to cover the tray of the laminating machine with aluminum foil or plastic wrap against the next use as this keeps dirt and air away from the liquid.
  6. Be sure to drain the coating back into the container after each lamination job is completed.

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Posted On: 13 Dec 16

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