Operating a Cold Laminating Machine

When you need to laminate a delicate print, a cold laminating machine is the way to go. Instead of heat, the machine uses pressure to attach a plastic adhesive to a print. Here’s what you need to know about operating cold laminating machines.


Types of Cold Laminating Machines

There are different types of cold laminators. Some are very simple and use a hand crank to roll the print between the rollers. Others are motorized and feature a foot pedal for hands-free use. Motorized machines often automatically adjust the pressure between rollers. A hand cranked machine might require you to adjust the space between the rollers yourself.


Materials You Need

To get started with a cold laminator, you’ll need a roll or sheet of laminate, tape and a starter board. You’ll also need a sharp knife or pair of scissors to cut the print away after you laminate it.

If you are laminating a short print or poster, less than 5 feet tall, you will also need a sled board. A sled provides support to the print as it travels through the laminating machine. Ideally, the sled you use will be made of a plastic material and will be slightly longer and wider than your print.


Running the Machine

Once you have your materials, it’s time to laminate your print. If you are using a roll of laminate, peel the backing away from the top edge of the laminate and tape it to the core roller on your machine. If you are using a sheet of laminate, peel it away from the backing and pull it taut over the top roller of the machine.

Position a 3-inch wide starter board on top of the laminate and roll it through the machine. Pull on the board from the back of the machine

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