Most Popular Laminating Adhesive Systems: Maxit Vs Wax Coating Vs Rollataq

Most Popular Laminating Adhesive Systems: Maxit Vs Wax Coating Vs Rollataq

Adhesive systems differ in stickiness and each is well suited for a particular purpose. The most popular types are Maxit, wax coating, and Rollataq. The systems should not only create a strong bond but also adapt to each other for efficient finishing. The best option for your work is subject to the degree of adhesiveness you want. When laminating sensitive projects, you can try out temporary systems if you are not confident with your first trial. Many consumers only consider highly adhesive systems, but your application may require something different. This comparison will help you to make an informed decision.


These are permanent adhesive systems. If you are after neat work with excellent results, this is the best option. Unlike glue sticks, rubber cement, and white glue, Rollataq leaves your project clean. The system is suitable for mounting artwork, doing personal puzzles, and creating scrapbooks. The roller coaters should be guided at the backside of your artwork. After sticking the picture on the wall, you should position it within 2 minutes. Get rid of any air bubbles, and within ten minutes you have the artwork permanently stuck.
Scrapbooks are an ideal way to keep memories vivid. If you have a movie or family photo that you need in your collection, you will never go wrong with a Rollataq system. You need a motorized or hand applicator to apply the liquid gently across the scrapbook. The adhesive machines are the best in creating clean, smooth, and permanent bonds.


maxit laminate This is a permanent adhesive system that uses motorized applicators and non-toxic sticky pillows. It is suitable for all types of surfaces. Maxit provides little if any room for making errors. Therefore, if you are not sure of your application, it may not be the best option. The hot melt adhesive coaters go well with the systems without damaging your work. The glue does not stick on your hands. It will also create a strong and clean bond that maintains the elegance of your work. After sticking, the project does not need any maintenance.
The most common applications of the systems include book covers, presentations, photo albums, labels, and collectible trading cards.

Wax coating

If you need a semi-permanent option for your work, the wax coating is the best. The system is suitable for most wall surfaces. The glue remains intact for years. You can transfer your work from one surface to another without the glue sticking on your palms. The system is mostly used to stick paperwork on walls, tradition paste up on surfaces, and mount graphics on boards.
The system uses a combo of motorized roller coaters and hot melt adhesive coaters. You have all the time to position your work because it does not dry out. The system does not affect surfaces which are sensitive to heat. It takes around 40 minutes to warm.
Your choice of an adhesive laminating system is dependent on your type of work, permanence required, and degree of adhesiveness.

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