Pressure Sensitive Tapes 101

By the year 2020, it’s expected that the pressure adhesive market will grow exponentially. Now with that being said, having a thorough understanding of the technologies that are associated with the development of this market and its correlating systems is crucial for companies interested in mass-production.

Understanding Pressure Adhesive

Pressure sensitive adhesive is simply a tacky substance that permanently adheres to the surface it’s applied onto with light pressure. It’s a type of pressure that maintains both adhesion and cohesion in a fine balance, and it doesn’t require a chemical reaction to develop the adhesion bond.

Key Terms for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Application

  • Adhesive. Adhesives are very common throughout several different markets, but within pressure mounting, they’re often made from natural rubber, synthetic rubber, or acrylic. For smaller applications, silicone based adhesives are recommended rather than rubber or its synthetic alternative.
  • Backings. Also known as a “carrier,” the backings are relatively thin and flexible. The purpose of a backing is to provide either cushioning or dampening of the barrier you’ve created or require to properly mount your piece.
  • Primer. The primer is simply used to increase the power that’s holding the backing and the adhesive together. There are a few different primer treatments available, whether they is via liquid application or heat. Primer is often a popular consideration because it allows for the tape to be removed cleanly in the event that it actually needs to be removed.
  • Adhesion. The adhesion process is simply the attraction between the adhesive and the substrate. This is when the pressure and adhesive work together to create your intended bond.
  • Cohesion. The cohesion is the inner strength of the adhesive. When it comes to force, the cohesion is crucial as it is parallel to the bonding area. If there is high cohesion, that will go hand in hand with the high temperature resistance from your adhesive machine system.

Investing in Pressure Melt Systems

In the event that you feel a pressure mount adhesive system will benefit your business or even a hobby, visit our Daige website. We specialize in adhesive melt systems that both with cold and hot laminates in a better effort to accommodate everyone’s needs. We sell some of the top of the line models along with a warranty to ensure that if your adhesive system breaks down in any way, it’ll be repaired in no time.

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