Ranking Adhesive Systems: Most to Least Permanent

When considering what adhesive system you want to purchase, your biggest question is probably: how sticky is this going to be?  You may think that the stickier an adhesive is the better, but what about non-permanent jobs?  Adhesive systems are much more versatile than you think, and they’re not all the same.  Knowing which adhesive systems are going to be able to best fulfill your needs is an important part of being a smart consumer, but you couldn’t possibly learn everything you need to to make an informed decision alone.  At Daige, our decades of expertise will guide you to the adhesive system that’s right for you.  Even if you’re not ready to purchase yet, or you want a little bit more information on the subject, read the information below to brush up on your adhesive system knowledge.

Less Permanent: Wax Coaters

We’re all human, and thus, we all make mistakes.  Using a less permanent adhesive system like a wax coater is good for projects that you fear you may not get right on the first try.  A project like mounting something to a board in which ideally the board will be perfectly centered could be tricky, so using a semi-permanent adhesive will allow you to fix your mistakes.  Wax coaters are also good for the times when you know that you’re going to want to remove something in the future.  In most college dorm rooms, students aren’t allowed to stick anything permanent to the walls, as the property must be kept in factory condition for the next year’s residents.  In using a wax coating adhesive system, removing media from walls is possible.

More Permanent: Maxit and Rollataq

Maxit and Rollataq are our permanent bond options.  Permanent bonds are just that: permanent.  If you’re using either of these adhesive systems, it means that you want something to stick and stick for good.  Rollataq is great for mounting photos and artwork, making puzzles, and on a more fun note: making craft items.  When you craft, you’re making something special and hand-made that you want to last, so use adhesive that will last too. 

Maxit is unique in that it can provide a permanent bond to all surfaces.  This is a pretty neat power, but with great power comes great responsibility.  We want to stress that Maxit and Rollataq are permanent bond adhesive systems, so even though they are fantastic for custom invitations, crafting, and presentations, they leave little room for error.

If you think you know what type of adhesive system you’d like, or if you still have more questions, contact Daige today!

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