Rollataq Adhesive System

Rollataq Adhesive System

Great for:
  • Mounting photos and artwork
  • Making puzzles
  • Making craft items (rubber stampers)

View the Instructional Videos Below

Note :This video shows old style coater, but it works the same as the new one shown below

About  Rollataq:

Motorized roller coater

  • Combines coaters with a unique cold adhesive
  • Rolls on a microthin coating
  • After coating, positionable for 2 minutes
  • Dries to a permanent bond within 10 minutes
  • Bond will not be affected by heat, humidity or aging
  • Costs 4 cents per sq. ft.
Rollataq Adhesive


  • Provides the strongest adhesion possible
  • Will not soak through even thin papers
  • Will not yellow over time
  • Acid free, non toxic

Note: to get a permanent bond, one surface must be porous, either the back of the paper or the surface of the substrate. For example, photo paper (non porous) will adhere to foamboard (porous) but not to a plastic board (non porous).