Best School Laminators

Laminators are an incredibly useful and fun tool to use in the classroom! There are a ton of different classroom games and activities that can be laminated to prolong the life of the paper the games/charts are written on. Board games, duty charts, learning cards, flash cards, gift cards, and paper dolls are just a few of the items that deserve to be preserved in the classroom. Lamination can cut costs and time spent making these tools by preserving them for years on end; children have a much harder time at ripping a piece of paper that has been laminated by one of our products. What are some of the best school laminators that Daige offers? Read on to find out more!

Maxit Adhesive System

By far our most popular adhesive system to date, Maxit is great for wide format prints, flash cards, custom party invitations, and name cards. Maxit uses roller coaters with our unique hot melt adhesives to create a permanent bond to all surfaces. If you are laminating many items, such as flashcards, game cards, and name cards, this is a great option because it costs 70% less than other adhesive rolls and sheets. Maxit also provides a stronger bond than spray adhesives and requires no clean up at the end of the day.
We recommend either our MXII Hot Melt Adhesive (our most popular), or our RP Hot Melt Adhesive (great for duplexing, invitations, and business/name cards).

Solo Cold Laminator

Our Solo Cold Laminator is great for decorating the classroom! This laminator is designed for wide format wraps, signage, and photos. It is also great for mounting prints to boards (think: science fair!). Children tend to be very curious and also like to explore by using their hands; this can result in torn posters and charts that have been hung up on the wall. Printing to boards is fast and easy and it can also create a professional looking decoration for your classroom or school hallway. Have a big event coming up or an important announcement? The solo cold laminator is fantastic for wide prints and posters.

Rollataq Adhesive System

The Rollataq Adhesive System is an amazing choice for the classroom if you want to make home-made puzzles and games for your students. It is also a fine choice for mounting photos and artwork, as well as making craft items. Our Rollataq system creates a micro-thin coating by utilizing coaters and a unique cold adhesive. The bond Rollataq creates will not be affected by humidity, aging, or heat, and will not yellow over time. For the Rollataq, we recommend our Rollataq adhesive, which provides the hardiest adhesion possible. Our adhesive will not soak through thin papers and is also acid-free and non-toxic.

Laminators for the Classroom

If you are in the market for a new laminator for your classroom, Daige has you covered! We offer the Maxit Adhesive System for flash cards, business cards, and small prints, the Solo Cold Laminator for larger prints and posters, and the Rollataq Adhesive System for fashioning craft items, photos, artworks, and games (such as puzzles). If you are confused as to what laminator will be the best for your unique needs, give Daige a call at (800) 645-3323 or visit our contact page today! If you need some great ideas about what to laminate in the classroom, take a look at one of our previous blog posts.

Happy Laminating!

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