Using a Solo Laminator in the Classroom

Teachers in all levels of education are finding lamination enhances the classroom experience. The Daige Solo Laminator expands the spectrum of projects and has the added benefit of needing only a single operator. This is important to the educator who is creative and driven.

  • Create dry erase cards for any subject. Vocabulary, multiplication tables, street signs, even types of animals. The cards can be used over and over and the kids will love them.
  • Critical information you have carefully prepared can be preserved for multiple uses. Salvage all that hard work in a preserved laminated project. No more multiple copies just thrown away.
  • Art projects, drawings, or written papers are great projects for lamination. Children will certainly treasure the permanence of the laminated item, giving them a good sense of accomplishment.
  • Make your own book. With your own words printed on the pages, drawings, paintings, a three ring binder, and the Solo laminator, you can create a booklet of your own ideas and even personalize it for your classroom.
  • Write in important events on a large calendar and laminate it on a foam board. Display it in the classroom and other items can be added with dry erase markers as needed.
  • A print holder board is included with the Solo which allows for longer projects, such as banners or posters, to be handled with ease. After setting the tension, just put the project on the board to feed, and let it go. No worrying about wrinkles or bubbles.
  • Valentine cards or Christmas tags could be made for the children to treasure for years.
  • Large letter banners can be laminated for every occasion and saved to be used year after year without fear of them becoming damaged.
  • Create new learning games with lamination. Bingo cards with characters from a book the class is reading. Or musical notes and terminology for the musically inclined. The game, “Don’t Eat Pete” can present various images in a game children will love. Design a board from postage stamp sized photos of things for the class to learn. Adapt it to your own

With the ability to work on your own with the Daige Solo Laminator, the possibilities for uses in the classroom are endless. Just activate your imagination and design something unique and interesting for your situation and help your students learn in fun and creative ways.

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Posted On: 13 Sep 16

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