Our Different Types of Laminators

Our Different Types of Laminators
Here at Daige, we have a number of laminators that suit a specific need and purpose. Over the past few years, we’ve written a number of articles explaining the benefits of each machine and their different uses; this article will serve as a crash course to all of our unique machines. No matter what way you see it, all of our devices have one use in mind: laminating. Lamination also provides longevity for things such as backpack tags, luggage tags, paintings/drawings, business cards, chore charts, printed games, to-do lists, and makeshift dry-erase boards.

Hot vs. Cold Laminating
Depending on your purpose for lamination, your needs may differ from someone else’s. Very sensitive documents, such as old paper, or documents that are affected negatively by heat, such as photographs, require cold lamination as to not damage the materials that are to be laminated. Our Solo Cold Laminators are great for signage and photos, mounting prints to boards, and applying lamination to transfer tapes and reflective sheeting. They are also a tad easier to use than hot laminators.

Solo Cold Laminators
Our Solo Cold Laminators are produced in the U.S.A. and cost thousands of dollars less than comparable machines. This machine is great for long prints for vehicle wraps and store signs and also provides functionality for heat-sensitive smaller items, such as photographs. This machine extends the life of the print, enhances the vibrancy of the ink, protects the print from fingertips and dirt, and also provides scratch resistance and UV protection.

Adhesive Systems
All of our adhesive systems combine quality roller coaters with unique adhesives to produce the finest quality of lamination available. Our most versatile system, Maxit, uses a hot-melt that provides permanent protection for your document. This system will stick to just about anything, and can make laminating book covers, photos, labels, puzzles, wide format inkjet prints and custom invitations/presentations a breeze. This machine provides a permanent bond to all surfaces.

rolltaq adhesive systemOur Rollataq line provides cold lamination for any print that is very delicate or heat sensitive. We combine coaters with a unique cold adhesive that provides protection via a microthin coating. This system is great if you are looking to mount a photo/artwork or produce quality craft items or puzzles. Our cold glue system provides permanent protection.
solo laminator
The Wax Coaters we use provide a removable hot melt adhesive. Typically, these machines are used to adhere items to walls or other service. They are also used for traditional paste up work and mounting media to boards. These guys take about 40 minutes to warm up and provide adhesion that will last as long as needed (years); these systems also provide a removable bond that will stick to just about any surface, including brick.

Liquid Laminators
Our liquid laminators cost significantly less per application than film laminate machines and are great for fine art prints, vehicle and boat graphics, and outdoor signage. Our EZ Glide Applicator applies a precise coating that always comes out smooth and even. This is great if you want your media to retain its flexibility, all the while enhancing the color of the ink and protecting the product from UV, abrasion, and water damage.

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