How to Use a Wax Coater

A wax coater is a good alternative for those that don’t want to use a plastic laminator. A wax coater is amazingly simple to use. In fact, you can keep one on a desktop. Here are the basics of using a wax coater.

  1. Turn on machine and allow to warm up for 16 minutes. This ensures that wax is melted thoroughly and ready to leave a smooth coating.
  2. Place paper to be waxed on the feeding tray and watch it come out the other end with a perfect wax coating. It really is that simple. The fine layer of wax gives your documents a waterproof and smear resistant coating. This is a great option for restaurant menus that change often or place cards.


Daige wax coaters come in two different sizes to meet your needs. The 12-inch wide model and the 24-inch model both come prefilled with wax, so you are ready to start coating after the short warm up time. Both models are small enough to fit in even very small offices.  Anyone can learn to be an expert wax coater in minutes using these machines.

Easy Refills

Wax bars can be purchased at a low cost so you can refill your coater whenever you need to. Daige is known for our high-quality wax coaters that set the standard for small office coaters.  Bars never go bad so even if you just coat a few items a week, you don’t have to worry about poor results due to out of date materials.

Advantages of Wax Coaters

Waxing something is a bit different than what is required to laminate. Laminators require special sleeves and protective pouches to protect items from high temperatures. Wax doesn’t cause colors to bleed, and it can be used on more heat-sensitive documents.

The lower cost is another incentive for small businesses that need a quality coater. A cold laminator is another option if plastic coatings are still desired.

Adhesive systems such as a liquid laminators are sometimes harder for employees to learn to use, so if you just need a basic coater, wax is a great option for the ease of use and the fact that there is no clean up time. You simply turn off the wax coater until you need it again.

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