What to Look for in a Waxing System

Many different companies in all sorts of industries are looking into laminating equipment to be able to effectively provide coatings to their posters, signs, and other material. Laminating products have many uses and are used on photos and signs and as well as documents and other material that needs to be preserved or enabled to last longer. There are different kinds of adhesive systems as well, each with a different process that it uses to laminate products.

A waxing system is another type of adhesive system. The main purposes of a waxing system include the ability to adhere paper to different types of walls, mounting media to boards, and traditional paste up work. The removable coatings provided by Speedcote wax systems peel off easily when the bonding is no longer needed, and does not damage the surface.

General Details

Some of the more important details of wax coating systems include the ability to provide a removable bond that can be applied to materials that need to be placed on walls. The adhesive wax can then be removed at a later time when it is no longer needed. This is very helpful because it allows posters, paintings, and pictures to be placed on walls without using nails or screws that will damage the wall and leave behind a hole or two once the material has been removed.

Should Work Efficiently

Wax coaters should be able to heat up in as little as 40 minutes. The motorized roller coaters by Speedcote are able to warm up within this time frame, and are even able to apply their coating to a piece of material within seconds. They also don’t negatively affect heat-sensitive media, and are easy to maintain and require no clean up!

Use BB9 Adhesive Wax

There are several benefits to using this particular type of wax. The wax is easy to refill and comes in reloadable bars that are inserted into the machine. Once the coating has been applied, the wax never comes off onto a finger when touched, and it also never loses its tack. Being able to reload the wax in such a simple way make using wax systems even more efficient.

Over the past 35 years, Daige has maintained a commitment to excellence and to their customers in their industry of manufacturing adhesive systems and laminating equipment. They manufacture cold laminating systems, wax coaters, and other adhesive systems. Laminate coatings provide a much needed durability to signs and posters and the other materials they are applied to. For questions regarding adhesive systems, and for other inquiries give Daige a call at 800-645-3323!

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